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What are you CALLED to do in this life?

Hi, I just read this in an article today, and I wanted to share it with you.

It is about your calling in life—not your job and not your career.

It is your calling. Read this excerpt:

“A calling is like you feel like the reason you were born was to be a doctor or to be a teacher or to be an entrepreneur.
You feel like you were called to it. Both Billy Graham and Dr Jonas Salk (the inventor of the polio vaccine) had callings.
They didn’t have a job or a career.
You’re going to have experiences in life where you’re going to feel like, “Oh, I love doing this stuff. I was meant to work with kids,”
OR “I was meant to work with kids with autism or something,”
OR “I was meant to work with dying people.”
You’re going to have experiences like this.

Don’t settle for a job. There’s nothing wrong with having a career, but the whole thing is to go for a calling.
Try to find out what were you really put on earth to do.”

Can you relate to that? Have you asked God what you are SPECIFICALLY called to do in this life?

Don’t waste any more time. If you are not sure, then ask Him NOW. Ask other mature believers to pray for you and with you, till you know what it is.

Your eternal reward depends on it.

I have 2 powerful resources that will help you with this topic-—and I am sure that they will make a HUGE difference in how you live the remainder of your days.

They are called “WAKE UP and Fulfill Your Calling” and “How to Fulfill Your Calling WITHOUT a Pulpit”.

These two one-hour audio recordings are part of this offer:

You fulfilling your calling is what you are going to be rewarded for in eternity.
That is why I created these two trainings, to help you to fulfill your calling in God.

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I will talk to you after this Shabbat…..I am soooooo glad it is time to take a rest!

Have a blessed weekend,

Jerry K
Director, &
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