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Watch this Powerful Worship Video…

Hello again, and thank you for staying connected with me.
As you know from my last email, it has been a trying time for our family, but here is the key to success in life, family and business:
Praise the God of Israel in the midst of EVERYTHING that happens in your life!
We recently did celebrated Passover with about 40 believers, and we played this video during the evening.
When you watch it, keep an eye out for the hyssop splattering blood onto a vessel (to cleanse it)…….it really struck me when I saw it for the first time.
Watch it a few times and read the English subtitles, so that you know what is being sung.
The words and the visuals are very moving…..
Feel free to copy that link and send it to thousands of others… help THEM to get closer to our precious God.
WHY would I share this video with you?
Why do I write to you on an occasional basis?
It is because I want to help you to:
– get closer to the One and Only God of Heaven and His Messiah,
– experience more of His holy presence in your life, and
– empower you to go out and DO what you are called to do on this earth!
That’s why I do this.
(By the way, who are YOU building up and encouraging???)
Newsletter:    I am considering the possibility of creating a PRINTABLE monthly newsletter that you can download for free, email to friends, print out a few dozen copies and give away to other believers….to help them in their worship and prayer life.
If you think that this is a good idea, and that you would put this to use—again, for free—-then hit reply and let me know what you think……..
Lastly, I am desperate to get back to writing short books on subjects that will help you in your daily walk with God. I am hoping to publish one book per month on Amazon Kindle. If I put out a $5 book but give you an early-bird price of $1, would you help me out by buying a copy?
Thanks again for readiing. Got a question or comment? Then just hit REPLY or send me a message here:
Have a brilliant week, and be blessed as you worship the King,
Jerry Kuzma
Perissos Media
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