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How to receive God’s guidance in stressful times…

Thanks for opening and reading this short but very important post.

(I’m sure that you will burn at least 5 calories by clicking and reading this post, so we are helping you control your weight as well  :0 )

This morning, I was cleaning and lighting the fire to warm up our cozy country home.

While I was getting the fire ready, I listened to an audio recording from the late Bible teacher Derek Prince.

It as SO encouraging to me personally that I wanted to share it with you this morning.

This 24-minute video teaches you the biblical principles to receiving God’s guidance and wisdom…
…even in the most stressful and challenging situations.

I have used these same verses and principles for decades, and so I can vouch for Derek’s teaching here.

I posted it below…so click below and listen to it within the next ten minutes:

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Have a surprisingly blessed day,

Jerry K


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