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praying at the Kotel - Yom KippurPraise and Worship: 4 Powerful Lessons I Learned During Yom Kippur…

I have just finished my fasting during the biblical feast day of Yom Kippur. I am so glad that I observed this important day. During the 24-hour period, I learned 4 very important lessons that I want to share with you.

First, I want to give you some important facts about this special biblical day:

  • Yom Kippur is found in primarily in Leviticus 23:26-32
  • it is a “feast of the LORD” (verse 2), not merely a feast of the Jewish people
  • as a bibical feast, it is a day that Yeshua (‘Jesus’ in Hebrew) would have observed every year of His adult life
  • all of the New Covenant apostles would have observed this day as well, in keeping with Lev 23
  • it is a day, from evening to evening, in which we are commanded to ‘afflict’ our souls (ie, our desires and appetites)
  • that section of scripture declares that this day is be observed “… forever, throughout all your generations, in all of the places where you dwell”
  • even though Yom Kippur is one of the biblical ‘feast’ days, it is the only one that requires us to FAST instead of feasting
  • it has never been repealed, even now that Messiah has come and risen from the dead
  • it is a day of complete rest, ie a sabbath, so no employed or self-employed work is to be done

Those are just a few facts and principles that we can apply from reading the Scriptures. In addition to those things, there are 4 important lessons that I PERSONALLY learned from observing Yom Kippur this year.

Why I should fast

You can’t fast in order to force God to do something that you want Him to. Sorry, but you’re just not that big and bad to be able to manipulate the Almighty! Fasting is all about you changing YOU…..or me changing ME.

My reason to fast is to put my appetite on the altar and my heart in His hands for the day.

Dealing with hunger

Every time that I felt the pangs of hunger, I reminded myself WHY I was fasting in the first place. I took a moment and said to the Lord, “I want You more than I want food. I want to be closer to You than I want to be closer to food.”

It is all about making God Himself my highest priority.

Praying for others  [including the ‘anusim’]

I remembered that there are many, many people that have greater needs than I personally have…including many of my readers, subscribers and business clients. I took time to pray for their needs (and YOUR needs, too).

I also remembered to pray for the ‘anusim’, or hidden Jews. The anusim are those people with a Jewish heritage who , through forced conversion or persecution, have forgotten the fact of their Jewish ancestry. Ireland, for example, has a very high percentage of people with Jewish dna in their genes (according to two experts that I have interviewed). So, this island has a lot of people that need to discover or re-discover their Jewish heritage, as well as their true Messiah who has atoned for their sin. I prayed for that to come to pass, especially on Yom Kippur–the Day of Atonement.

Keeping God’s cycle of feast days

This was so important to me personally. As I read from Leviticus 23 about the Appointed Times of the Lord, I took them all very personally. They are given “…to all your generations, as a perpetual ordinance…”, which means: for me and my family, whether Jew or Gentile, right here now where we live, and right now in the present day.

I made a commitment to keep those appointed times, even if I had a lot to learn about observing them on a practical level.

So, what do YOU think of that?

Does that make you want to read Leviticus 23 and learn about these Appointed Times for yourself?

Could it possibly change you life in a very radical way?

Could it supercharge your relationship with Yehovah, God Almighty, the God of the Bible?

Does it make you wonder whether Yeshua/Jesus observed those same feasts?

Read it for yourself and take it to heart…I dare you…..!

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