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Praise God for your legs….

Good morning, and welcome to another reason to praise the God of Israel…..

If you have legs, and if they work, then you have a brilliant reason to praise God today.

Why? Just take a step or two and take a look at yourself.

You are mobile, without the need for a wheelchair.

I recently watched an interesting few minutes of professional sports (something that I rarely have time for).

It was tennis…men’s singles tennis…in wheelchairs!

What a lot of work for those guys….

They have to work hard just to stay in front of the ball, and then return it, and then move quickly to get in front of the ball again.

They have taken an obvious handicap and made the best of it….and worked really hard to overcome the obstacle.

If YOU have legs that work, then praise God that you do…

…because some people do not.

Do not take those things for granted. Use it as an opportunity to praise and worship the God of heaven.

By the way, if you do not have legs that work, then you DO have something else that others do not have…..praise God for that thing instead.

The point is this:  PRAISE HIM, every day, no matter what life has dealt you….even while you are trusting God for deliverance from that situation.

Be encouraged today…..and remember to pass it on to someone else today.

Be blessed,

Jerry Kuzma

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