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The POWER of God’s Presence…!

Good morning! I hope that you slept well….
This is Jerry Kuzma from and…
…with a bit of encouragement for you to consider today.
Think back to some times in your life when the Lord, the God of heaven and earth, seemed to surround you personally…
…times when you experienced God’s presence in a powerful way.
It may have been while you were praising and worshipping Him during a church service…or perhaps in your own home.
It might have been at a low point in your life or when some desperate situation arose in the middle of your day–and you called out to the Lord for help.
Remember His presence, how He poured Himself out on you to let you know that He was near. It was His powerful, almost tangible, holy presence.
Those times are difficult to forget, because they leave such a lasting impression on you.
Now, look at the people around you: at the shop, in your school, in your workplace or driving past your window.
Around 99% of them have NEVER experienced God’s presence (if they even knew what it was anyway)!
Doesn’t that give you a clue?
Doesn’t that show you a very specific way that you can pray for the people around you?
Perhaps you do not know how to pray for someone that you know or someone that you see in public.
You might not have all the details, but…
…you could pray this way:
“Father, I ask you to POUR Your holy presence upon [that person] and surround them with Your power, Your light and Your love. DRAW them to You, so that they can repent and turn to You with all of their heart.”
That’s simple, isn’t it?
We know from Scripture that God wants to show Himself to those that He loves, so it is an easy thing to pray.
You may never know what impact that it has on the people that you pray for.
However, you know from your own experience how utterly life-changing God’s presence can be in your life.
Now, you can pray for others that they experience the same thing.
Could you do that today?
Will you start right NOW??
When you do, let me know what impact it has in other people’s lives…and in YOUR life as well.
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Until next time, be blessed,
Jerry Kuzma
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