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praise and worship - SingingThe Power of Sung Prayer!

Let’s look at one of the most powerful ways to supercharge your personal prayer life with praise and worship, and it is this: sung prayer.

Again, some of these points you may be familiar with, but everybody needs to hear this, especially because this is going to be new for some people.

When you take prayer (a scripture that you’re praying through or something that you want to pray from your heart) and you begin to put it to music (when you put a melody to it), it makes a huge difference in your prayer life, and I will tell you why it does.

When you do this, you are incorporating two powerful things—you are mixing together scriptural prayer with praise and worship (two things that God loves).

It’s as if you were going to give me biscuits (cookies) that had both chocolate and peanut-butter, because it would be doubly good to me! It sounds delicious, even if it is a strange analogy.

However, the principle is that God loves prayer: He wants us to remind Him of His Word and ask Him to get involved in a certain situation; that’s called faith in action.

God also loves praise and worship: He loves when we praise and worship Him and declare how powerful that He is and how loving He is.

When we do both at the same time, it is doubling up what we’re doing, and we’re asking God to pour twice as much of His power into the situation.

We want God to move so powerfully, but when we choose to sing, we are inviting the presence of God into our actual prayer time.

It’s an interesting thing when you do this, because you can sing just about any place. We’ll talk about that in a moment. At just about any place that you go, you can sing under your breath and get away with it. See, you can be literally be praying in any place at any time.

But as far as supercharging your personal prayer life, taking a few minutes and singing your prayers (sung prayer) is a powerful thing. It’s a powerful thing because you are taking scripture and being creative with it. You’re taking scripture and turning it into praise and prayer at the same time; you’re taking prayer and turning it into a praise and worship song OVER a situation that needs God’s help.

It gets God’s attention. It also grabs a hold of a part of you that is silent during prayer. This is why sung prayer is so important – part of you loves praise and worship God, and people tend to take off that hat when they go to prayer. They switch into prayer mode (they put on their ‘Prayer Warrior’ hat, right?), and they can switch between the two.

However, when we do both of these at the same time, some powerful things can happen. This is because we are calling on God to move, but it’s almost on a higher level because the worship is involved.

Try it yourself, and start to incorporate it into your own personal prayer life; it’s something that you’ll have to break out of a mould in order to do. Sadly, most churches and most Christians don’t pray this way—it is new ground for most people. But I have found, personally, that when I sing my prayers, it’s like it takes two halves of me and ties them together. It’s like that chocolate and peanut butter biscuit, two things that I love!

It is two things that God loves…mixed together.

The most important effect is on us personally. When we turn scriptural prayer into ‘high praise’ where your voice gets lofty and you turn some volume up in your voice, and you are declaring how great and powerful God is in the midst of this situation (specifically with scripture), it is a powerful thing; it lifts you up.

It lifts you up in the midst of the battle, and LISTEN: when the warrior is refreshed, he is more effective.

What did I say?

“When the warrior is refreshed, he is MORE EFFECTIVE.”

When the runner in the marathon is refreshed, they’re more effective. And when you are more refreshed during the battle, you’ll be more effective. Does that make sense?

It should make sense! You’re just sitting there going: “Well, I don’t know about that. I don’t know if I could sing and think about praying at the same time.”

Well, make it simple on yourself.

With all these things, you’ll have to start simply.

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