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Messianic Conference in Belfast: Saturday 21st January 2017

Netanel Nickalls (Jerusalem)

“Deep calls to Deep” Ps 42:7

Saturday 21st January 2017

Exchange Church

179-187 Albertbridge Road

Belfast BT5 4PS

Guest Speaker:

Netanel and his wife, Dikla, are Jewish believers in Jesus (Yeshua). They are residents of Israel and are fully immersed in Israeli community, with two daughters presently serving in the Israeli army.

Netanel is a Hebrew scholar and is a licensed tour guide in Israel with many years of experience teaching groups of various nationalities who visit the land.

He draws on his extensive knowledge of history and archaeology and always thrills people with his knowledge of the Hebraic scriptures. As a result, Netanel travels globally to teach Hebraic truths in many nations. (For more info, please visit

We are privileged to have him here in Northern Ireland to teach us how to search the deep things of the Hebrew Scriptures with a Hebraic mindset.

His teaching will include, for example:

  • Significant words in scripture misrepresented in English translation
  • Comparing ‘chesed’ (the covenant love of the Old Testament) to the ‘chesed’ (grace in the New Testament)
  • Understanding the full meanings of Hebrew words gives us the richness to understand their use in the New Testament.


10:00 – 17:00 (3 sessions) Tea and coffee will be provided. Please bring a packed lunch.

£10 Admission, Special price for couples/family £15

(if you are unable to pay the admission, please send us an email and we will do our best to sort something out)

Please note that a love-offering will also be received to support Netanel’s family and their ministry to the homeless in Jerusalem (The Safehouse)


From Belfast City Centre Metro bus services  6A,4A, 4B, 18, 27 all pass in front of the church

From Belfast Central Train station is only a 10 minute walk. Head east towards the Albertbridge Road.

This conference is supported by:

  • Ancient Paths International
  • New Heart Ministries
  • Rhema Restoration Ministries

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