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Something that I have NEVER done before….

Hello worship family,

Thank you very much for reading my posts.

I got some great replies from some of you, especially those who needed prayer.
Some sent praise reports as well, as God is moving in response to us praying.
Praise His NAME for His faithfulness and His goodness.

If someone hadn’t been praying for Bella and me over a period of time, we would never have met in the first place
(because we lived 3000 miles apart from each other)! So be encouraged!

So, here is why I am writing to you today.

I have decided to take a stack of my most popular and life-changing books and audios, bundle them up,
and put them out as a Mega-Pack sale…….at a whopping 85% off!

I have never done this before, but I have gotten so much positive feedback from my readers…
…that I wanted to practically GIVE AWAY the whole lot of it.

The Mega-Pack includes 6 books and 7 audio mp3’s…in one place…for a very, very low price!

Why am I doing this?

!!  I want to change more lives this year than all my 25 years in teaching and training combined.

I want to make such a powerful impact in 10,000 believers’ lives….including yours.

So, here is one way that I can do that.

Frankly, it will also help with the expenses involved in reaching believers across the globe.

Please take a minute and check out this letter with all of the details:

Will you read about it?

Will you support me in this, by picking up a copy?

Could you also share this link with a few dozen friends, or on Facebook or Twitter?

Thank you very much for your support and encouragement.

Don’t forget to SHARE the link as well. Will you do that for me?

I appreciate you staying connected with me and all that we do.

Be blessed, be encouraged, and be a blessing to someone else before you sleep tonight!


Jerry Kuzma

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