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What’s Inside…my mega-pack of books and audios?

Hello worship family,

Here is a short, more in-depth list of the books and audios that you can get in my current mega-pack sale:

The Essence of Hebrew Worship, True Worship vol 1, ebook
This is my first book written on the subject of praise and worship. It describes why I feel so passionately about Hebrew praise and worship…and what makes this type of worship so unique and distinctive. You can read it in one sitting, and it will whet your appetite for more messianic praise and worship.

25 Verses to IGNITE your Praise and Worship, TW2, ebook
This is really my flagship book on PERSONAL praise and worship, as it is built from a list of the Bible verses that have meant the most to ME in my own personal worship life. It is written like a 25-day course of mega-vitamins for your worship life. Each chapter shows the verse, a brief description and explanation in proper biblical context, and then the personal application of the verse in your own walk with God. I guarantee….if you read it, act on it and make it a part of your daily life, you will be transformed within 25 days…because of the power of God’s word.

How to Praise God Through a Crisis, TW3, ebook
If you have ever had to go through a difficult, challenging or traumatic experience in your walk with God, then you will appreciate this book. In it, I teach you the verses and principles that have kept me sane during difficult times. I have learned the hard way how to praise God in every trying situation, and it makes a HUGE difference in the outcome of the challenge. Learn how to prepare for tough times, so that you GROW through it, not just GO through it!

How to SUPERCHARGE your Prayer Life with Praise, TW5, ebook
I have learned from others–and have experienced it myself–that adding praise and worship into your prayer times and prayer life will absolute transform this vital part of your walk with God. In this book, I discuss the underlying principles as well as 3 powerful ways that you can do just that. This is extremely practical in its presentation, so that you can take action and supercharge your prayer life this week.

How to Get Closer to God, TW6, ebook
The posts that I send to my readers and subscribers lay down some of the most basic and life-changing principles that I try to live by in my own life–principles that will help you to move closer to God in your own life. This selection from those posts will give you very specific topics for reading, study and discussion–all designed to build your personal relationship with God Himself.

“Worship God” bible study guide, ebook
This short Bible study guide will help you to search out what God’s Word says about building a personal worship life. When you see for yourself what the Bible says about worshiping God, study it out for a deeper understanding and follow it through with action, your worship life will never be the same!

Essence of Hebrew Worship, bonus audio, mp3
On this bonus audio, you will learn the 3 distinguishing characteristics of Hebrew worship and why it is so important for your own worship life. Each time you listen to it, you will deepen your understanding and build yourself up in this powerful form of worship.

25 Days to Ignite Your Worship, companion audio, mp3
This audio guides you through the process of using the ’25 Verses’ book as your personal roadmap to a deeper and richer praise and worship life. When you listen and follow through with these self-study principles, you will be taking responsibility for building your OWN worship life–and NOT having to depend on the pastor or worship team to lead you in worship…a real life-changer!

How to Minister to the Lord, mp3
In this 30-minute audio, you will learn the importance of serving the Lord HIMSELF in praise and worship, much as a servant waits on and serves his Master. This is one of the deepest and most intense form of worship–one that God is just waiting for you to step into and fulfil in His presence.

Top 10 Tips for Worship Songwriters, mp3
As suggested to me by a well-known pastor and international worship leader, I have pulled out 10 principles and tips for writing and crafting powerful songs for use in congregational worship. Whether or not you are currently involved in a worship team or pastoral team, this audio will help you to stretch out and start to sing a new song to the Lord.

How to Fulfill your Calling Without a Pulpit, mp3
There is a lot of pressure in the Christian community to believe the myth that, in order to truly and fully serve God, you have to become a full-time minister and take up ‘pulpit ministy’ at the front of a church. This practical audio blasts that myth, giving you three ways that you can minister to the people that you are called to serve–all without being behind a pulpit. Use your God-given skills and abilities to serve others in ministry and reap the eternal rewards in ways that you never thought of before!

How to Praise God in Public Without Looking Strange, mp3
Praise and worship SHOULD be a part of your daily life, even you are at work or at the supermarket. But how can you do it and NOT look like you are talking to yourself?? This very practical audio will help you to praise God not matter where you are, and you won’t get strange looks in the process. I live by these methods, and so they are battle-tested in loads of public places. I haven’t been kicked out or fired yet! Neither will you……learn how to praise God in every place that you go.

Wake Up and Fulfill Your Calling, mp3
Time is short, and you have a divine calling to fulfill. You really don’t know how long that you will still be on the earth. This audio is a wake-up call for you to stand up, step out and actually DO what God has called you to do in this life. Will you obey the Master’s call?

How to Supercharge Your Prayer Life with Praise, mp3
This is the audio version of the book by the same title.

There you have it.

What do you think?

Would these materials change your life?

Take a few minutes and read about this package right now:

What would your life look like if you were on fire for God, full of His presence and ready to do His will for your life?

This is my best suggestion for you:

Thanks again….and be blessed,

Jerry K

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