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Read Ruth’s review of my new book…

Good morning, and thanks again for opening my posts.

I just wanted to show you 2 things this morning, as I have to rush off to work in half an hour.

1. Here is the cover image of my new book, which you may have seen on our Facebook page

praise and worship books - 5

Special thanks to my graphic designer Tim, who is a youth pastor in the Philippines.

2. Take a moment and read this book review, written by Ruth T from North Wales:

“Who wouldn’t want to supercharge their prayer life?

This book is written in an easy to understand style to help you do just that.

The author emphasises certain points several times in various ways so that the reader is sure to ‘get the point’.

Based solidly in Scripture, with references clearly marked and with suggestions to stop and read, or stop and pray,
this book about praise and prayer encourages the reader to  both search and use the Word of God in their prayer life
and to incorporate praise and worship into it too.

This is a practical and inspiring book which, if acted upon will change your prayer life for the better.

Here are three quotes to whet your appetite:

‘It’s a powerful thing, because you are taking scripture and being creative with it.’

‘When the warrior is refreshed, he is more effective.’

‘NOW is the time for action’

~ Ruthie T”

Thanks Ruth!

I will be launching this book in the morning, Monday 15Aug2016….so WATCH for my next post to you.

As always, if you have any questions or comments, just hit REPLY…

…or send my a message using our SUPPORT PAGE:

See you tomorrow. Be blessed as you praise and worship the King today,

Jerry Kuzma
Director &

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